Developing Clairvoyance Using Tarot Saturday, March 22nd Class!

medium_imageYou will love this fun class! Awaken your natural clairvoyant gifts! Confidently give readings for yourself and others using the Tarot. No knowledge of Tarot is required! Tarot can be used as a meditative tool to awaken our subconscious mind allowing guidance from our Higherself, Angels, and Spiritual Guides. In this class there will be numerous opportunities to give and receive reading.

In this class we will learn how to:

~ Create sacred space for the purpose of Divination, the Art of receiving Soulful Guidance

~ Develop our personal invocation or prayer ritual

~ Practice candlelight self-hypnosis to awaken and develop our natural gifts of clairvoyance

~ Learn how to receive clairvoyant guidance through the cards rather than interpreting them at face value

~ Explore various Tarot card layouts and traditions

~ Understand the difference between fortune telling and authentic Soulful Guidance

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