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Happy Client Testimonials
“My session with Julie was a wonderful and helpful experience. Julie is highly professional and her soft soothing voice was very effective to getting me to reach deep into myself. I found Julie to be very attuned to what I was looking to get out of the session. I am very excited about working with her more in the future. Thanks so much Julie!!”

~ Laurie, Entrepreneur, San Francisco
“When I first decided to try past life regression hypnosis, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t go in with a 100% belief that past lives were even possible. Julie was gentle and sympathetic during the whole session and very non-judgmental about my experience. Now that I have had several sessions, all I can say is ‘Wow!’ I’m a convert. It was a very real and moving experience and has helped me resolve several issues I’ve dealt with in this lifetime. I have connected to myself on a deep, spiritual level I don’t believe would have been possible without Julie’s help.”

~ Michele, Software Engineer, San Mateo, California
“Hypnosis with Julie is such a treat! Her smooth, soft voice makes relaxing during hypnosis easy. Plus, she is very intuitive and seems to know just what technique we need to explore during my sessions. I started hypnosis with Julie out of curiosity to see if it could help with issues I was having. What I realized is that, with multiple sessions, I am experiencing a calm and connectedness in all areas of my life. I would recommend Julie to anyone wanting to try hypnosis In fact, if I was rich, I’d hire her to come over every night for a session – she is that good!”

~ Tawnya, Univeristy Professor, Austin, Texas

“When I first went to Julie, I wanted to start my own business, but I had serious procrastination issues that were hindering my progress. I didn’t know if hypnosis would work on me, but Julie is so easy to trust, she put me at ease and was able to be put me into a state where my subconscious mind was open to suggestions that were custom made to help me with my issues. Julie educated me on how hypnosis works and let me know what we were going to be doing and why – Julie is very talented and her working with me has helped me to achieve my goals – I completed my first paid order last eek ! If anyone out there wants to reach a goal but something is holding them back, Julie can help you work towards that goal by letting you use the power of your own mind”

~ Shaun, Mortgage Broker, San Francisco
“I was pleasantly surprised with the results following my first session with Julie Panda. Hypnotherapy was not something I was keen to consider until learning a bit about it from prior consultations with Julie. Hypnotherapy at least in my experience was an entirely voluntary process. The more I relaxed the more I was able to understand some very simple truths about what was motivating me, influencing me and hindering me. As these simple truths become evident, handling things gets a whole lot easier. Thanks, Julie!”

~ Joel, Film Director/Producer, Millbrae, California

“I recently had my first session with Julie for stress management and I was surprised it worked on me. I had just finished up a long week and still had more to do when Julie suggested a session to help me unwind. Normally it takes some time for me to relax enough to fall into any ‘state’ other than awake, but once we began I found it difficult to focus on any worries or lists or WORK 😉 I ‘woke’ from the session about 15 minutes later – although it felt like ½ an hour or so – and felt extremely refreshed. Imagine the best power nap you’ve ever had and multiply it by 10!”

~ Tracy W. Google, Inc.


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