Restorative Spiritual Hypnotherapy

The Path to Peace & Enlightenment

The Path of Enlightenment is a Path of Spiritual Empowerment.  Our subconscious mind is a resource of spiritual strength and enlightenment. Restorative Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a three hour immersive one on one retreat.  Clients are supported in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment that facilitates spiritual development and self-discovery. Restorative Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a practice in which clients are supported to activate and receive guidance from their inner senses, developing a deeper sense of knowing and self-confidence. All spiritual explorations are open to you!

  • Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Future Life Journeys.
  • Dreams, Near Death Experiences and Psychedelic Journey Recall and Integration.
  • Nurturing Spiritual Gifts and with conscious attunement and healthy boundaries.
  • Developing a relationship with one’s angels, guides, and the divine self.
  • Heightening positive beliefs about self and others as we develop on our path.
  • Reconciling and releasing negative beliefs about self and others.

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